Washington Park Arboretum 

I visited the Winter Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum last week during a beautiful, sunny, but cool day. I was excited to see some hoverflies on the flowers in the Winter Garden as well as a most peculiar looking fly. They are the first I’ve seen all winter. Also in the Winter Garden I watched a couple of Bewick’s Wrens for a long time as well as a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Just to the south of the Winter Garden a large flock of crows were making a huge ruckus for quite some time.

I also watched a large number or Robins foraging in the leaves by the new NW connections garden. On the east side of the arboretum I found a number of Salal leaves with caterpillar damage and underneath I found a bunch of, what looked like to me, micro moths. They were very small, white and where they were clustered, the leaves were whitish, like mildew. 

Many plants were starting to show green buds and some were even showing flower buds. The Witch Hazel was all in bloom, especially in the Winter Garden where there are several species. 

Submitted by Kelly Brenner

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